Centre for Healthy Women

we at healthy women domain of healthy human clinics aim to offer the best care to women seeking gynaecological solutions.our broad spectrum of services include a journey from the beginning till the end. preconceptional counselling , high risk pregnancy care, reproductive medicine, prenatal classes, postnatal classes, infant care and breastfeeding adolescent health programmes, preventive health programmes, and contraceptive medicine. we offer a complete range of infertility solutions from blocked tubes to ovulation disorders including open and laparoscopic correcctive surgeries for endometriosis.our centre of excellence in the field of gynae oncosurgery includes all simple to complicated procedures and solution for all kinds of precancer and cancer including advanced cancer stage 3-4 surgeries including exenteration operations.diversion procedures and formation of a new ileal bladder and anal opening is our right hand job. we open up various redo operations post chemo and post radiotherapy also with excellent results.

Our Services